Web Application Development

We build the foundations your website needs to succeed. Our web developers are committed to developing websites that are as functional as they are eye-catching.

Web development that responds to your business

A great site is not measured by looks alone; real success is delivering something secure, dependable and easy for users to navigate. Web development is an integral part of our business infrastructure. Our web developers are highly experienced. They're also diverse in their abilities; building websites of all forms including CMS and eCommerce platforms and working to integrate third party technologies.

Fast, efficient & accessible

We are skilled at 'hand coding' and don't rely on applications to write our development code and we implement performance best practices to keep our sites fast so they are loved by s and users. Using the modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP and MySQL to enhance user experience and functionality, we can create interesting visual effects that will engage users.

Our websites are:

  • Fast
  • User Friendly
  • Mobile (responsive)
  • Accessible

Our web development services include:

  • Optimised HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • Responsive Websites
  • JQuery & Ajax
  • CMS Development
  • PHP and MySQL development

We will help select the ideal web development technology for your needs, based on your investment and business objectives

Mobile, tablet and desktop responsive web developers

With phone and tablet use growing rapidly, delivering a user-friendly mobile experience is crucial to optimising engagement and conversion rates. We use Responsive web design techniques so that our websites work for all customers, no matter which device or platform they are using.

Web development that meets the needs of your business

A lot of clients come to us after realising the cost of minor website updates was really adding up and they were waiting too long for them to be done. The majority our clients understandably want to update their websites themselves, when they want, where they want. We can provide a scalable Content Management Systems to suit any business.

Ecommerce - Magento Development

Retailing online can transform a business not only financially but by broadening its geographical scope, which of course should lead to further development and growth within the company. NetBiz Group have designed and developed innumerable eCommerce systems, each created specifically to accommodate for the requirements of the client. So what are the advantages of going eCommerce? As technology has advanced we've seen a bigger percentage of people buying online. If you currently sell from a premises, your reach and potential is very limited. By entering the world of eCommerce you can promote the services and/or products you supply much more effectively. It's simple logic increasing the amount of people that know about you and your business will inevitably increase your potential for enquires and sales.

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