Working Methodology

How we develop the project? What strategy we used?


Before you starting a software project need a pretty good idea of what you expect. Who will be using it, what functionality should it have, what will be the data inputs and what will be expected result.

All the inputs regarding project should be identified and formulated into a written specification.

Based on this specification, a detailed analysis should be made by software architects, software architects analyze your requirements in detail, identify these and solve possible problems and create documents and flowcharts to define system. The analysis will also give answer to questions like what tools and technologies should be or is possible to use, what can be the project schedule, make better budget estimations, etc.


Behind every great invention lie dozens of sacrificed prototypes. Most of the things depends on the creative web design because it attracts the customer toward your services. Your website or software creatives must be attractive otherwise it becomes boring. So that all the online service providers redesign there websites time to time with latest trends.


Web developer plays important role in makeing your ideas functional. They are responsible to create your design functional, often provided with Photoshop, Illustrator or other design applications and he turn these web designs into a website. This often involves a higher degree of interactivity requiring the use of JavaScript, jQuery and PHP etc. Server-side languages such as PHP can talk with your database system. Web developers can appreciate both the needs of design and the functionality of programming to bring much more life and dynamics to a website. Basically html sites are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and web developers create these designs practical.


Testing calculate the output of all previous steps such as Analysis, designing and development. The methodology and tools you select depend on the characteristics of the application and the development parameters, such as language and software.The use case for the application can also have an influence. Here multiple parameters are defined in the project for testing. Using these parametes complete project tested and find out the problems or bugs.


During the testing phase tester find out the bugs or problems in the project. If there are any problem and any basic modifications then this phase is reponsible for all these tasks. Whole team (designer, developer, tester) work together on those points and made modifications in the projects.


Finally, after final testing the project is delivered to the client.

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