Magento Website & Stores Development

Our platform of choice when building eCommerce stores.

Magento is the leading eCommerce platform used for online stores, large and small, worldwide. Its best of breed status has encouraged other software vendors and third party services to take notice and develop extensions and integrations to make Magento talk more effectively with them, allowing Magento to become a vital cog in the online selling strategy of many companies.

The relative ease of development, extensibility and openness of the platform has resulted in a vibrant extension marketplace. This allows store owners to capitalise on the efforts of third party developers by downloading or buying Magento extensions to enhance the functionality of their online store, providing additional functionality such as payment gateways, merchandising management, shipping methods, and more.

Magento was released in 2008 and quickly established itself as a game changer, being acquired by eBay mid-2011 after an investment some months earlier.

Magento Community Features For You

Magento is regarded as pretty fully-featured out of the box which is why it makes such a good starting point to then make further customisations either through the installation or development of an extension. Here is just a selection of features that make it a great fit:

  • Extensive catalogue management with multiple product types, flexible product attribute structure as well as product relations, e.g. cross-sell and upsell and configurable pricing.
  • Multi-store
  • Multi-website
  • Multi-lingual
  • Discounts and promotion rules
  • Customer Groups
  • Selection of built-in shipping and payment methods, including PayPal
  • Basic Customer Management
  • Basic CMS
  • Basic Newsletter Management

We makes customize the magento cummunity version for you as per your reqirement.

By partnering with us, what will you expect?

Long term support & consultancy:

With our experience and inside knowledge we will provide you with comprehensive solutions to your problems and consultancy advice long term.

Comprehensive and easy to use management tools:

Everything is carefully planned to ensure your website is easily manageable in the admin area, Tell us how you would like to manage your pages and content in the admin area. What donít you like about your current management system? By telling us everything we will develop your perfect content management solution, saving you time and resources.

Scalable code for easy maintenance:

By taking a modular approach, we are able to easily maintain and replace modules. It means we are able to make changes to your site with ease without having to rebuild the website. This makes the site more future-proof. (unless we are working with a theme!)

Clean Code:

We provide clean, semantic and developer-friendly code, Our bespoke work is hand coded for ease of maintenance to make sure the site is scalable for the future.